Grid of ASCX.RESX problem


Editing resourcestrings in grid I do see filled Values. Testing web using this component shows some empty strings (mostly one of the last batch, sometimes more). Stopping web .... Values are still there (in grid). Save of file has no effect. I have to close resx file and open file in another editor ("Open with ....") to see problem - resourcestring is definned with no value. New reload of grid finally shows the empty cell.

I'm adding mostly 10-20 strings in a batch, multiple batches daily. Each batch is followed by multiple tests. Problem occurs 1-2 times a day

Once I had seen another problem also. Using Undo shortcut on resourcestring Name led not only to remove new resource Name but to clear last (already stored) Value of grid too (previous row Name is not affected).


cre8or wrote Jan 26, 2015 at 9:44 PM

actually the safest thing you can do is to close all resource files before performing batch operation. When the file is opened, Visual Localizer needs to perform some hardcore tasks with Visual Studio file buffer and it is possible that it sometimes doesn't end up well, especially if you're using VS 2012 or newer, support for which was added later on...