Code editor

Following features are provided in code editor:
  • strings can be moved to resources ad-hoc. A dialog window will be shown to specify the resource file, resource key, comment. Similar strings will be searched and offered to replace as well.
  • move all strings from file (and related files) to resources. (Batch move to resources). Action will respect Localizable attribute. User may select to localize setters of specified properties/parameters only (e.g. all calls to Console.WriteLine)
  • when a resource is used and the resource is a format string, VL will produce warning when the resource is not used where format string is expected (e.g. Console.Writeline, String.Format etc.) or when incorrect amount of parameters is provided.
  • copy & paste is resource-aware. When copying source code containing references to resource keys not available in the target source file, the user is notified and can choose one of the following solutions:
    • inline strings
    • add reference to the source project
    • duplicate resource string in local resource file
  • ASP.NET page/master page/control localization is supported
    • editor offers similar features as C# code editor
    • Localizable attribute is respected
    • Batch localization - the user can batch-process all setters of some property (e.g. move all initializations of Label.Text to resources)
  • XAML support and localization of Silverlight/WPF projects ??

Solution explorer

Following features are provided in solution explorer:
  • batch move all strings to resources (from project, selection of projects, entire solution)

Resource editor

Following features are provided in resource editor:
  • Find all references of a resource key
  • Resource refactoring: rename, duplicate, inline, merge resources

Localization support

Localization support can be invoked both from Visual Studio or as a standalone application. It should ease the process of localization and management of resource dictionaries.
Following features are provided as localization support:
  • Creation and management of several resource dictionaries for different languages.
  • Compare resource dictionaries (diff)
  • The tool may utilize available spellcheck and translation tools and services

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